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El blog de Ignacio Cruz

Things that I know

  • WordPress, obviously. Everything on it. If I don’t know something, give me some minutes and I’ll ping you back. I’m also a WordPress Multisite expert.
  • PHP. I’m obsessed with writing clean code. DRY and KISS are always in my mind. My plugins are always extensible. I have a very good understanding of OOP and patterns.
  • PHPUnit. I like to make testable stuff but I love to see how a broken code becomes a bullet proof code.
  • JavaScript. I have a very good understanding of it. As a backend developer JavaScript is a great and fun challenge and I’m constantly learning. I know how to deal with libraries like React and Backbone. I use Webpack or Browserify to develop, depending of the project needs.
  • Package management? Bower, npm, Composer? Not a problem.
  • Automation. Gulp and Grunt, sure.
  • Git. Cannot live without it.
  • Bash/scripting. You need me to make a shell script that cooks for you. I’m sure there’s a way.
  • I’m very used to deal with large networks. Multisites of millions of sites have passed for my hands. I know pretty well what kind of optimization is needed in a big site.
  • Photoshop. I know how to deal with it. Sometimes I have to fight a little.