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Domestic Theme Documentation

Domestic Settings

Navigate to Appearance > Customize and you will see a panel called “Domestic Settings” at the bottom

There are three different menus in Domestic Settings:

  • Colors: Change the Menu Color or the main website color scheme.
  • Home Slider: Toggle the slider on top of the blog page. Inside Customizer you will need to navigate to your blog feed page to see it in action.
  • Footer Tagline: Customize the tagline in the website footer.

Featured posts slider

The featured slider will only display in your blog feed page but you also need one or more sticky posts

How to stick posts in WordPress

In WordPress 5.0 or higher, while editing a post, click on Stick to the Front Page checkbox and save the changes.

How to stick a post in WordPress 5.0 or higher

In WordPress 4.x or older you will do this in two steps:

  1. Click Edit link in Publish box
How to stick a post (step 1)

2. Click on Stick this post to the front page checkbox and save the changes.

How to stick a post (step 2)

Once you have one or more sticky posts, the slider will appear on your blog page like this:

Theme blog slider sample